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Decca Records - Benny Andersson

Hotel Rival

City of London Festival - Sweden on Stage

Embassy of Sweden London - Sweden on Stage - The Benny Andersson Band


ABBA Legend's New Album Release | music news |

Andrew Newson: The Benny Andersson Band

Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus news site | icethesite

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ABBA Russian Fan Club Blog

ABBAVillage - The Internet Mailing List for ABBA fans

David McKenzie (Dans!)

Dmitry Shipov (Sommaren du fick)

Pepe (promotional singles)

Sara Russell (Sounds of Sweden 2001)

Mike Scurr (Sounds of Sweden 2001)

Kaarin Goodburn (Rowing On The Serpentine)

Laura Hitchens (You Are My Man)

Benny Andersson Band · Story Of A Heart

Landscape Photography: Andrew Newson. Band Photography: Mona Nörklit. Sleeve Portrait: Lasse Larsson. CD Design & Art Direction: Studio Fury. 


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